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Developing with Icy : icy4eclipse

If you plan to develop Icy plugins with the Eclipse IDE, you will probably find very useful the icy4eclipse project.

My public ICY Plugins

All these plugins have been developed for the ICY image analysis software. They are open source and available freely. Don't hesitate to report any problem or to request new features. The renal biopsy analysis plugins are not available publicly.

You can find these projects on github.

FlickrImageRetrieve Grab random images from Flickr
Image Browser Browse files in directories with thumbnails view
Mask Editor Binary masks manipulation over images
KMeans Color Quantization Quantize a color image in any given number of colors
Color Picker Threshold Image segmentation by representative colors selection
Texture Segmentation Toy plugin to test semi-supervised texture segmentation using the new SLBPriu texture descriptor
Omero Connection Plugin to connect ICY and an Omero image server allowing to send and retrieve images